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What Is Evaan Membership

Evaan Membership, helps you enjoy more vacations more often with your family. With this membership, you’re pre-paying for your annual vacation accommodations by locking in today’s rates.

One of the benefits to owning a Vacation Ownership is that you get the flexibility to return to your favorite destinations every year or tap into your vacation ownership network to experience hundreds of new places.

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Evaan Vacation Club Membership


Evaan membership can save you money over the lifetime of ownership by locking in today’s rates for future vacations.

More Vacations

With your accommodations set, you’ll spend less time hunting for a place to stay—and the best price—for every vacation.

Prioritized Family Time

Evaan Membership helps you plan more quality family vacations more often at a variety of accommodations every year.


Enjoy your favorite destination every year or take advantage of an exchange network to see new places.

Evaan Resort

Evaan is a Perfect Place To Enjoy Your Holidays

Here are a few reasons why people love US

Evaan Package and Their Benefits

You can customize your holiday package which depends on your Family size , locations you prefer , facilities you want and of course activities you want to indulge in

Regular Plan

  • 10 Years Valid
  • 12,500 Per Year AMC

Regular Plan

  • 25 Years Valid
  • 12,500 Per Year AMC