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About Evaan Vacation Club

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Welcome to the enchanting realm of Evaan Vacation Pvt. Ltd, where our odyssey began in 2016 with a lofty dream—to seamlessly weave holidays into the tapestry of Indian family life. Over the years, we've orchestrated opulent holiday experiences at spellbinding destinations across our nation. At Evaan Vacation Club, we redefine the art of hospitality, offering an exquisite fusion of unparalleled dining and exceptional stays at diverse destinations.

With a legacy of over two decades in Hospitality & Vacation Ownership, we stand poised to emerge as a beacon among vacation clubs. Our resorts aren’t just gateways to extraordinary experiences; they are sanctuaries where families and friends create indelible memories, all while upholding a deep respect for the environment, our valued employees, and the community at large. Beyond crafting remarkable moments, we’re pioneers in steering the hospitality industry toward sustainable economic development.

Embark on your journey with us and immerse yourself in the anticipation of adventure. Our mission is to present a mosaic of choices, breathtaking resort destinations, and family-friendly vacation services that kindle the flame of wanderlust. As you become part of Evaan Vacation Club, you’re not just gaining access to an expansive array of vacation resorts; you’re joining a community of hospitality artisans devoted to curating unforgettable escapes.

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